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Hide & Peek

Ayana watched the reflection of the moving lights of the city on the ceiling of Daniel’s penthouse breathing deeply with her arms outstretched on either side of her naked body; the ambient light of the busy city illuminating the silhouette of the two lovers enjoying each other on the leather couch in Daniel’s living room. The house was still and silent besides the slurping and licking sounds of Daniel on his knees; his head buried deep between her thighs while she wrapped her legs around his neck sitting on the edge of the couch. The events earlier in his office only fueled their fire for more and he decided to leave the hospital early to continue what they started in his office after he put Dr. Kohlman in his place.

Listening to Daniel aggressively break the racist doctor down while defending her honor made her so hot for him that she couldn’t take it anymore and had to have him right then and there; but it wasn’t nearly enough. Now back in his penthouse she was feeling his warm tongue exploring her drenched and excited flower; consuming her as if he was starving.

Damn boy!

Scratching and pulling on the leather she tried to brace herself each time he took her clitoris between his full lips sucking and licking it vigorously. The sensations making her bite her bottom lip and curl her toes trying to receive the intense pleasure his experienced mouth was giving her. Suddenly she heard a low and intense buzzing sound and immediately felt the doctor plunge his tongue deep inside of her while taking the vibrating and lubricated bullet and placing it firmly on her clit. The double sensation caused her to lift her back off the couch screaming while frantically grappling for anything to brace herself for the coming orgasm of life changing proportions. The nerves on her back and inner thighs sprung alive and began shooting super charged sensations of pleasure throughout her entire body. Her eyes were bulging and her mouth wide open as Daniel continued to make love to her with his tongue while using the vibrator to stimulate her already aroused pearl of pleasure.

She could barely breathe as she kept scratching and pulling with her back still elevated off the couch; making it difficult for the doctor to delve his tongue deeper into her tunnel. In a single and aggressive motion Daniel reached up grabbing her hips and forcefully pulled her back down;giving him a better angle to push his tongue deeper inside of her. She instantly felt his tongue reaching and exploring her walls; breaking free her self-controls and her arms started swinging wildly as she began making high pitched coughing sounds. Undeterred by her wild and shocking reactions Daniel continued his assault with his tongue and vibrator while holding her down firmly on the couch. Soon the pleasure became too intense for her and she reached down trying to push his head back and remove his hand that was holding the rapidly vibrating naughtiness that was sending her over the climatic edge. But Daniel refused to be stopped and he tensed his neck and arm so that she couldn’t over power him.

Hell naw….you taking this orgasm; ain’t no escaping now.

After trying several times without success she flung her hands up in frustration as she let out a high pitch scream. She was cumming and it was going to be a massive one. She felt the orgasm starting from the back of her neck and then slowly creeping down her sweaty back. It then began vibrating between her breasts, circling her erect nipples and as if it had a mind of its own it moved down to her belly button before rushing down to her center and expanding down her legs.

“Danny!! Oh my God!!”

The orgasm sent a tsunami of pleasure through her and out towards Daniels welcoming mouth. She felt as if she’d just wet herself as the orgasm continued; shaking her entire body like a seizure. Her leg muscles where trembling and twitching uncontrollably as her body jumped and jerked on the couch. Her eyes rolling inside her head she seemed completely lost inside herself as the orgasm continued to intensify and last longer than any she’d ever thought possible. Slowly removing his tongue from inside of her while opening her legs he firmly yet carefully inserted his rock hard muscle deep inside of her. Ayana immediately reached up wrapping her arms around his neck, biting him on the shoulder as she felt the grooves and veins of his rod rubbing against her spot as he slid inside of her; while she still continued to cum.

“Oh my God you are going to send me to the crazy house baby, Ayana breathlessly whispered in his ear.

Smiling and not saying a word he started stroking her deeply and slowly; the sensation causing her to dig her nails into his back…

In a dark hotel room directly across the street from Dr. Bennett’s building stood a large man in the window viewing through a large pair of binoculars with a mischievous grin on his face. He’d been watching the two lovers for about an hour, licking his lips while periodically groping himself; growing more aroused as the pair continued making love. Suddenly his cell phone rang snatching him away from his entertainment. Grunting in disappointment he quickly reached for his cell phone sitting on the window’s ledge. Looking at the screen he rolled his eyes and answered the call.

“Is this line secure, the deep and commanding voice inquired on the other end.

“Yes sir.”

“Good, what have you found out about the good doctor? Anything we can use against him?”

“I couldn’t find anything to blackmail the doctor until I discovered something much better than a bribe or threat. Something we can use to certainly ruin the U.N.’s plan to prosecute you.”

“And what’s that Satu?”


“Ayana, how the hell is she going to help keep him from testifying? She and Meagan are the one’s running this circus and if they can convince him to testify I’m done. How deep is he in with her?”

Balls deep, Satu amusedly thought to himself.

“Very deep sir, she’s living with him at the moment, Satu replied

“Really? Now that is interesting, Kronte responded with satisfaction. “Listen we only have one shot at this, so you know what you have to do. Don’t fuck this up Satu. If we play our cards right the doctor will no longer be a problem for us and without his testimony they have to release me.”

“Exactly sir, I’ll get right on it.”

“Good work soldier, very good work.”

“Thank you sir.”



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