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NorthShore Publishing prides itself in not only providing readers with the best literature possible, we also provide the best services for authors. Whether you are a new or seasoned author, NorthShore Publishing can help you create your next bestseller. We will walk you through the process of publishing your book while providing you with the services needed to create a book of the highest quality. Our publishing solution packages will provide you with all the tools you will need without breaking the bank or leaving you with more questions than answers on how to become a successful author. NorthShore offers options from creating your book cover design, providing editorial services, setting up your accounts with cost effective printers,  typesetting and formatting, and providing you a branding starter kit and so much more. Our publishing solution packages are catered to a specific author's need because we believe, 

"One size doesn't fit all". 

Your book is your child, conceived from your imagination and it deserves the quality and high standards that NorthShore Publishing will provide. 

Contact us at so that we can schedule a one on one consultation. 

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