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It’s obvious now that words with e or i in front of them represent the future. And so it is with eBooks. The publishing shift from print to digital over the last decade has been a truly stunning one, and has opened the door for untold numbers of self-published authors. And it’s these forward thinking authors at whom our eBook cover design package is aimed.


The package includes:

  • A design draft, based on your specifications. We begin with the front cover, and work our design from there.
  • Unlimited changes (within reason) to one of those book cover drafts until you’re 100% happy, or we’ll design new drafts!
  • A high resolution JPEG ready to upload
  • Royalty-free stock images from (over 360 million images)*
  • Print-ready PDF file for one printing service of your choice (e.g. KDP or Lightning Source)


Optional extras include:

  • Interior formatting/layout
  • Paperback or audio book covers
  • Facebook or still web banners
  • Poster-sized file

Add-on services include:

  • Rush Fee (first drafts within 7 days)
  • 15 minute creative concept chat with the creative director
  • Character Creation (see note)
  • Character Creation – If you require a very specific character for your cover that cannot be sourced from normal royalty-free image sources, this character may need to be created using specialized 3D software for an additional fee. Examples of this will include very specific clothing or armor or body positioning, or detailed scenes. Requests like “running man” or “woman in a red cape” generally WOULD NOT require Character Creation, but something like “man in blue armor, carrying a battle axe over his shoulder, while resting in the forest” WOULD require Character Creation.

Alternatively, more flexibility in the brief can avoid this fee (e.g. An axe is crucial to the story, much of it takes place in the forest, and the protagonist wears blue armor). In that case, we would create drafts where Character Creation is not required. If you would like a cost on this aspect before submitting your full brief and paying a deposit, please e-mail us. PLEASE NOTE: Simpler cover concepts are almost always better. If a scene is too complex and has too many competing focal points, then it makes that cover less effective.

IMPORTANT: As with character creation, we strongly recommend NOT attempting to convey a specific scene from the book on its cover. A potential reader will typically skim over your cover, looking at it for just 2 seconds before deciding whether or not to investigate further. Couple this with the fact that your cover will be displayed in thumbnail size online, and it’s obvious that depicting a scene will overcomplicate things. At NorthShore Graphic Studios we want your book to be read. The first step is to create a cover that grabs a reader’s attention, and this is best done through simplicity.

Allow our team to create a cover that does your book justice. We know what sells and what looks good, and we have a talent in condensing your story down to a design that best showcases it. Our previous successes speak for themselves, and we’d love to set your book on that very same path.

*All images used on the cover are royalty-free and sourced from The cost of your cover design includes the rights to use these images and is limited to a print-run of 500,000 units, or sales in the case of ebooks. For unlimited usage, there would be an additional fee of approximately $100 per image. For more information on the licensing of images, please visit Should you wish to purchase the unlimited usage rights at the time of ordering, or at any point in future, please let us know.

*Please note, this price is for authors only. For publishers, please contact us for pricing.


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