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For high school sophomore Aiden Storm, Jasmine is everything a teenager could ever want in a girlfriend. But all he can think about is killing her. 

When Jasmine arrives at Deerfield High Aiden’s simple life is changed forever. Her presence awakens a darkness inside of him that slowly spirals the soft spoken teenager’s mental stability down an abyss of madness. Constantly tormented by a growing hunger for violence, Aiden confides in his best friend Tony his uncontrollable urges. Choosing friendship over his conscience Tony promises to keep Aiden’s dark desires a secret while they try and unravel the mystery of Jasmine and the affect she’s having on Aiden. 

On the night of Aiden’s seventeenth birthday their friendship is tested when the town of Deerfield is rocked by a home invasion and murder that directly implicates Aiden. Without an alibi or recollection of his whereabouts on that night, Tony begins to suspect Aiden is on the fast track to becoming Deerfield’s first serial killer. 

But Aiden fears something more sinister is at work in Deerfield and its source is Jasmine. Aiden believes underneath her beauty Jasmine harbors an evil that has already infected him and will soon spread to everyone he loves if it isn't destroyed. Aiden must find a way to keep Tony quiet, remain one step ahead of the FBI, and maintain his sanity long enough to find out who and what Jasmine really is… 

Shadows beware! A. Storm is coming…… 

Aiden Storm, a 17 year old high school student has discovered that he and his girlfriend Jasmine are descendants of two ancient supernatural bloodlines that have been at war for thousands of of years. But despite the ongoing war between their factions the two teenagers have fallen deeply in love. 

Now Aiden and Jasmine have been thrust into a war that forces them choose love over their duty to their own bloodlines and families. Can their love survive the ongoing conflict or will either of them be forced to choose a side? 

A great career, financial stability, and the looks to attract any woman he chooses, Dr. Daniel Bennett was a man that had it all. But he is also a man with a secret that haunts him while he’s awake and threatens to kill him while he sleeps. Four years ago an encounter with Africa’s most notorious and ruthless warlord ended in a massacre and a brutal murder he hasn't been able to forget or forgive. The once outgoing and celebrated doctor has now become a cold and heartless recluse, intent on living a life free of emotional commitments. 

Until the United Nation’s top crisis counselor; the incredibly beautiful and determined Ayana Burundi walks into his life forcing him to face his emotions and the darkest moments of his past. But for Ayana there is only one thing driving her; bringing the warlord Kronte “The Terror” Kroma before the international courts to answer for his crimes against her people and the doctor is the key. What begins as a simple request quickly turns into a struggle of wills and emotions as Daniel and Ayana’s lives fall into a collision course between love and a warlord willing to do anything to silence anyone that threatens his freedom. 

A father's love should never be tested; especially when that father is Jericho King; the former squad leader of the world's most advanced Special Forces unit. Alphas are trained to be ruthless, unforgiving, and efficient. The Alpha's sole mission was to eradicate every terrorist network in the world and after only a year was on the verge of completing their mission. Desperate and nearly wiped out the terrorist networks decided to combine their remaining forces and on November, 24, 2017 carried out the most devastating terrorist attack in world history known as "Black Friday". 

Now the once retired Alpha has been forcefully reactivated to exact punishment on everyone responsible for the death of his only son. Outnumbered and alone Jericho must become the one thing that he was trained to destroy and his thirst for blood won't be quenched until everyone responsible pays the ultimate price. Follow Jericho in the year 2020 as he embarks on a journey of vengeance and revelation. Jericho will have his revenge...











Jericho takes Knight….check! 

Smoke bellows from the ruins of the central security station as the fires of vengeance continue to burn. After Jericho’s attack on the symbol of Elite’s power in the Midwest a response is needed to ensure that the Elite and not the terrorist Jericho is in control. After the death of their former security chief; Joshua “The Iceman” McCollum is hired by the Elite council to take over the security forces and bring Jericho to justice. Joshua is no ordinary mercenary, he is an Alpha; a highly trained soldier that once fought beside Jericho during the war on terrorism. He knows everything about Jericho and with the successful capture of Jericho’s wife Rita the game’s outcome appears highly in his favor. 

But there are other players vying for supremacy in the Elite controlled Midwest region and they will stop at nothing to undermine each other’s efforts. The city of Chicago is the battlefield as each player fights and devises strategies to defeat their enemy. There are no allies, only illusions. There are no secrets, only lies and there are no boundaries, only the need to win. Delve deeper into the year 2020 as the epic story of Jericho King continues in Episode II of the Article 88 series. 

Rita King must die! 

After the events at Hang Man's Loop, the Elite have decided to use all of their resources to capture the elusive and violent terrorist Jericho King. Nothing seems effective until they decide to place his wife Rita King's life in the hands of a fearful and blood thirsty population. 
Now Jericho must race against time and insurmountable odds to rescue his wife before he loses her forever. 
Engulf yourself in Episode III of the Article 88 series with more twists, action and revenge... 

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