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Author Navi’ Robins was born in Chicago, IL and comes from a family as diverse as the characters in his novels. At the young age of 10 his family relocated to the West African country of Liberia and while living abroad for 7 years, nourished his immersive imagination. Learning and living with diverse cultures and languages gave Navi’ a unique perspective on life and self-expression that can be experienced while reading one of his novels.

After several years of attempting to complete a novel; in 2012 Navi’ completed his first novel entitled, Walking Among the Shadows: Awakening. Walking Among the Shadows a Young Adult Paranormal novel was officially published in May of 2013 to rave reviews. Wanting to push himself to write in different genres Navi’ Robins pinned 3 Science Fiction short stories entitled, Article 88: Jericho’s Revenge episodes 1-3. On October 23rd, 2014 Navi’ Robins released a revised edition of his first novel Walking Among the Shadows: Awakening debuting at # 18 in the top 100 bestsellers in the Thriller/Paranormal genre. Since then, Awakening has remained a top 100 bestsellers on and peaked at #4 in March 2015. On March 24th, 2015, Navi’ Robins released his first romance novel Tragedy, Lust & Destiny to rave reviews from book bloggers and readers alike, becoming an bestseller two days after its release. In November 2016, Navi’ Robins first book Walking Among the Shadows: Awakening was a nominee for the Black Excellence Award for Literature by the Arts Alliance of Chicago. Also, in September 2017 Navi’ Robins was a nominee for MBP Award for Graphics Artist of the Year.



Books by Navi Robins:

Walking Among the Shadows: Awakening (YA/Paranormal)

Walking Among the Shadows: Belly of the Beast (YA/Action Adventure)

Tragedy, Lust & Destiny (Romance/Suspense)

Tragedy, Power& Temptation (Romance/Suspense)

Article 88: Jericho’s Revenge Episodes 1-3

La Mexicana

Onyx (TBR 1st quarter 2018)

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